Single-Source Agricultural Wear Component Solutions


Scanning Electron Microscopy


A scanning electron microscope, or SEM microscope technology, is used to create images of very small specimens using a beam of high energy electrons. It creates highly magnified images with exceptional depth of field. Fisher Barton Specialty Products material engineers use these images, from our SEM microscope, to inspect fatigue fractures through visual inspection. Through the various surface details, we can determine what initiated the fracture and find ways to prevent similar fractures from forming.

A materials analysis of SEM microscope images can reveal imperfections in the base material, loading forces greater than the material’s design strength, or any of several other factors that can lead to fatigue fractures. This knowledge, in conjunction with charpy testing, v-notch testing, and other mechanical tests, helps us create parts and components with increased toughness, strength, and wear resistance.

Fisher Barton Specialty Products also uses our scanning electron microscope to analyze our wear coatings and inspect them for quality and uniformity. Our SEM microscope allows us to view our coatings in segments as small as a few ten-thousandths of an inch to examine particle disbursement, porosity, phase chemistry, and other quality control considerations.

SEM microscope analysis of our wear coatings also helps us develop more effective coatings designed for specific applications and/or wear factors.

For more information on our scanning electron microscopy, and how it makes the parts and components you need better, contact Fisher Barton Specialty Products today.