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Fisher Barton Patents


Fisher Barton's innovation and engineering expertise are undeniable. We currently hold 18 corporate U.S. patents for materials and heat treating processes, with four additional patents pending. Our team continues to create ground-breaking new manufacturing processes, materials, and products that help us deliver the best parts and components on the market to our customers. With our continued focus on research, materials analysis, and testing we continue to lead the industry for wear resistant products and services.

Since receiving our first patent in 1998 for our convertible mower blade design, Fisher Barton has received patents for our unique, high-hardness MARBAIN® material and the heat treating process involved in its creation. We have also received multiple patents for our innovative lawn mower blade designs and production techniques. 

Some of Fisher Barton’s patents include:

  • # 5,791,131: Convertible mower blade; 11 August 1998.
  • # 5,899,052: High hardness boron rotary blade; 4 May 1999.
  • # 5,906,053: Rotary cutting blade having a laser hardened cutting edge and a method for making the same with a laser; 25 May 1999.
  • # 5,916,114: High hardness boron steel rotary blade; 29 June 1999
  • # 6,487,840: Combined mulching and shredding blade; 3 December 2002
  • # 6,837,130: Method of repositioning a beveled edge of a cutting blade; 4 January 2005
  • # 6,857,255: Reciprocating cutting blade having laser hardened cutting edges and a method for making the same with a laser; 22 February 2005
  • # 6,953,398: Chopping blade; 11 October 2005

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