Single-Source Agricultural Wear Component Solutions


Materials Expertise


Fisher Barton Specialty Products (FBSP) has a unique ability to work with its customers to provide them with a custom engineered solution for their specific component engineering requirements. When a customer provides their components desired material properties, FBSP uses its extensive materials engineering expertise to assure the optimum material is used to meet or exceed the components specific needs. Our experience, along with our research and development activity enable us to better understand the physical and chemical behavior of the metals and raw materials we use to make great products.

When a customer contacts our engineering staff with a potential coating application, FBSP uses its expertise to first understand the environment the coating will be used in, and then design the properties required to withstand the environment. We keep the customer involved in the development of product coating applications. The customer is educated about the coating materials that FBSP is recommending and how the coating properties will be used to provide exceptional field life for the component.

After a coating solution is developed, sister-company Thermal Spray Technologies (TST) uses its production engineering expertise to produce the coating in typically medium and high volume. This is accomplished with our thorough understanding of the thermal spray processes and the many methods to automate them.

Through analysis and surface research and engineering, we are continually improving the chemistry of our materials, our unique processes, and manufacturing applications to make better products.