Single-Source Agricultural Wear Component Solutions


MARBAIN® Advantage


MARBAIN® is a patented, proprietary material unique to the Fisher Barton Group. It offers superior strength and hardness, without being brittle like other materials. This specialty material offers incomparable wear resistance and toughness, making it ideal for rotary blades and other applications.

MARBAIN® is created using a boron alloy steel and an advanced variation of the austempering heat treat process. This results in extremely high hardness around 47 and 52 Rockwell C. Our processes, and the material itself, are patented so no one else can make the blades, parts, or components that are as tough and wear resistant as those manufactured from MARBAIN®.

In addition to its exceptional hardness, MARBAIN® is also exceedingly tough. Charpy testing has proven the material can handle up to 15 ft/lb of force. While other materials at similar Rockwell hardness levels would shatter under such stress MARBAIN® does not.

Fisher Barton’s one-of-a-kind MARBAIN® material is stronger, harder, and lasts longer than any other manufacturing material you’re likely to find. Even those we treat with our standard austempering processes can’t compete with MARBAIN®’s improved characteristics.

Our team of experts will help you determine if MARBAIN® is the right material for your application. Contact Fisher Barton Specialty Products today to find out more.