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Coated Components and Coating Application Services

Today's harvesting equipment handles more crop than ever before and this crop contact causes internal components to wear too quickly.

Engineers at our dedicated Fisher Barton Technology Center solved this problem with the development of our proprietary FluxFuse® coating. Fisher Barton offers FluxFuse® on products we manufacture and also applies Fisher Barton's FluxFuse® coating to customer-supplied parts and components.

Capable of fusing coatings with melting points up to 2050F (such as Fe-based and WC/Ni materials), our FluxFuse® coating has several benefits:

  • High thermal conductivity ensures fast heating and uniformity in the heat process.
  • The FluxFuse® coating is in-line with our austempering process, which allows components to be heated only once.  This greatly aids in reducing distortion.
  • The in-line process also reduces part handling as the racked parts travel through both the FluxFuse® coating bath and the austempering process.
  • The metallurgical bond of the coating is enhanced due to the protective environment the flux bath creates and its ability to isolate the hot parts from any oxygen.
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