Single-Source Agricultural Wear Component Solutions


Fisher Barton Advantages


Wear resistant industrial component manufacturing

Fisher Barton Specialty Products (FBSP) creates products that perform better, last longer, and cost less than similar products made by our competitors. We work with our customers to develop unique solutions for their specific wear problems. Through design assistance services, materials and metallurgical expertise, advanced technologies, and manufacturing excellence, we create perfect finished components that meet our customers’ needs. FBSP is your all-in-one solutions provider, from part design to manufacturing and austempering or heat treating.

We are experts in extending the life of components in high wear applications. Whether you need prevention against premature breakage or other failure, weight reduction, added strength, or improved fatigue life for your products, FBSP can design an ideal solution for your specific application and produce the parts or components you need. Our industry experience makes it possible to create industry specific solutions, from carbon coated knives for the agricultural industry to construction equipment with customized heat treating.

Superior Service from Design to Finish

At Fisher Barton Specialty Products, all the resources we need to take your designs from concept to completion are available under one roof. We design and manufacture all our tooling, dies, and CNC fixtures in-house. We offer stamping, hot forming, and CNC machining to produce parts and components that match your exact requirements. Our metallurgical expertise enables us to work with a number of unique materials and alloys, including our patented, proprietary MARBAIN® material. Austempering and other heat treating processes are available to improve material strength and hardness. We offer a number of secondary services, such as machining, thermal spray coatings, PTA, and laser cladding to complete the production process.

FBSP offers design assistance to help make our customers’ products better. Our experienced team will work closely with your engineers to create part and component designs that are more easily manufacturable, by optimizing our production processes and finding ways to use less material. We’ll work with you through every stage of production, including design collaboration, prototyping, and manufacturing and provide a comprehensive program review. Ultimately, your finished products will meet or exceed your expectations for function and performance, be less expensive to manufacture, and require shorter production times.

Fisher Barton Specialty Products creates long lasting, high performance products for a range of industries. We produce a wide range of products that are used on harvesting equipment and soil preparation machines in agricultural applications. We also produce components for power transmissions, structural components for construction equipment, and a variety of other parts that are used in extreme conditions.

With every facet of manufacturing available in a single location, including design assistance from the prototyping stage through full production, Fisher Barton Specialty Products is a true one-stop shop. By providing start-to-finish manufacturing and production services, FBSP allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

If you make products for any application that could benefit from high strength, high hardness parts with lighter weight and superior wear characteristics, contact us today. Our expert team will be happy to put the Fisher Barton advantage to work for you.