Single-Source Agricultural Wear Component Solutions


Fisher Barton Case Studies


1. Mower Discs

Using a local tool shop a customer made their own mower discs (turtles) using 1085/1095 steel. The customer was having problems with the forming which is when Fisher Barton got involved and decided to use 10B38 steel which allows the metal to be easily formed and heat treated. Since helping the customer Fisher Barton now makes 60,000 disc mower parts per year. WE have also developed our MARBAIN® steel which is tough and fracture resistant allowing customers to save $0.75/piece. 

2. Accelerator Paddles

Originally this product was made using high-carbon steel, but a customer had a material supply issue so Fisher Barton proposed to use the material known as 10B38. This material, readily available in the U.S., changed the process of heat treating to austempering. This resulted in an increased longevity of the product at a lower cost with no supply disruptions. 

3. Chopping Knives

Blade wear in Florida is different than wear, for example, in Wisconsin. Customers need a supplier that provides a wide variety of wear processes and Fisher Barton does just that. Our state-of-the-art materials lab allows us to provide that variety by using flame spray, heat treat, and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) hard facing processes.

4. Tractor Drawbars

The customer needed to outsource the product and they also needed a responsive supply chain. Fisher Barton decided to install a dedicated cell with in-house equipment for a shorter lead time and an in-house, closed-loop carbon restoration, which doubled fatigue life. This resulted in a warranty claim reduction of 95%.

5. Stalk Rolls

FBSP worked collaboratively with a customer for over 5 years.  One month before release of the product the customer completely changed the design. Fisher Barton was able to change the design for the release date with no delays using a 100% automated inspection in-house automation team. Automated tungsten carbide spray achieved consistent and efficient coating. This coating processing resulted in shorter processing time and less distortion.

6. Straw Chopping Knives

Developed wear coatings for straw chopping knives now used by most OEM’s worldwide.